We are a start-up focused mainly on the business of Mobile Applications, their environment, and the information that travels through them. We provide professional training for the developers and technical staff of our clients, reducing the risk of attacks on their mobile applications, web services, and backend API.

Our training sessions include technical training (Android & iOS application analysis, or secure development focusing on OWASP Top Ten Mobile, OWASP API Top Ten, and OWASP Web Top Ten), as well as some non-technical training with awareness-raising purposes(introduction to cybersecurity).

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Our services

Mobile Penetration Testing

Based on OWASP methodologies and on the experience of our consultants. We analyze your mobile applications (Android/iOS) in search of potential vulnerabilities, associated with the application development stage

Web Penetration Testing

We are aware of the sensitive information of our clients, and therefore we understand the need to protect and safeguard the transfer of information made by mobile applications

Network Penetration Testing

Our Ethical Hacking Penetration Testing for External and Internal Networks aims to uncover vulnerabilities or weaknesses that demand immediate attention, potentially leading to economic losses or harm to the company or network owner.

Social Engineering Attacks

Our Social Engineering Security Assessment is a specialized security evaluation meticulously crafted to instill secure habits among end users.