Network Penetration Testing

Just Mobile Security not only provides a Mobile Application Security Assessment service but we also provide External and Internal Network Penetration Testing. Our Ethical Hacking Penetration Testing for External and Internal Networks aims to uncover vulnerabilities or weaknesses that demand immediate attention, potentially leading to economic losses or harm to the company or network owner.

Just Mobile Security employs various types of Penetration Tests, such as Black-Box, White-Box, and Grey-Box, to assess the security of External and Internal Networks. These tests provide different perspectives and strategies, enabling a comprehensive evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of External and Internal Networks from various angles. We involve rigorous testing of network security from both external and internal perspectives. By adopting this dual approach, we ensure a thorough examination of potential vulnerabilities across all network layers.

At the conclusion of each assessment, we provide a detailed report, categorized into executive and technical sections. The executive report offers a high-level summary of findings, while the technical report delves into a detailed analysis of each vulnerability. It includes the testing process, identification details, and remediation recommendations. To keep our clients informed, we schedule weekly meetings to report on the assessment's progress to relevant personnel.

Network Penetration Testing

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Mobile Penetration Testing

Based on OWASP methodologies and on the experience of our consultants. We analyze your mobile applications (Android/iOS) in search of potential vulnerabilities, associated with the application development stage

Web Penetration Testing

We are aware of the sensitive information of our clients, and therefore we understand the need to protect and safeguard the transfer of information made by mobile applications

Social Engineering Attacks

Our Social Engineering Security Assessment is a specialized security evaluation meticulously crafted to instill secure habits among end users.


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